No One Gets Hurt

by Russell James

noonegetsbigPaperback £6.99 (ISBN 1-904316-07-7)
Casebound edition £15 (ISBN 1-904316-06-9)

No One Gets Hurt is a hard-bitten, multi-layered underworld thriller of nail-biting intensity from ‘the best of Britain’s darker crime writers’ (The Times)

When a young woman is gruesomely murdered, her friend and fellow reporter Kirsty Rice feels bound to investigate. But as Kirsty enters the murky world of call-girls, porn and Internet sex, she discovers that she is pregnant and, despite his unconvincing denials, she becomes convinced that the father of her unborn child is in league with the pornographers.

Did he know about the killing? And how far is he mixed up with London’s infamous Miller family?

No One Gets Hurt is a tense and powerful thriller, hurtling from a truly shocking opening to an even more shattering climax.

Praise for Russell James:

‘One of the UK’s finest genre writers’ – Booklist

‘A thoroughly gripping, multi-layered novel from an acknowledged British master of hard-edged crime’ – Mail on Sunday

‘When it comes to crispness of plot and tightness of prose, Russell James is king’ – Time Out

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