Elvis – The Novel

by Robert Graham, Keith Baty

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C-format (216mm x 135mm) paperback

The everyday story of an imaginary superstar eccentric. The Presley neither his fans nor anyone else knew. First-born of triplets, he came from the backwoods of Tennessee. Driven by a burning ambition to sing opera, fate sidetracked him into creating Rock ‘n’ Roll. His classic movie Driving A Sportscar Down To A Beach In Hawaii didn’t win the oscar he yearned for, but The Beatles revived his flagging spirits.

Further shockingly momentous events have led him to the peaceful, contented life-style he enjoys today, in his 62nd year.

This 1984 classic is updated and improved, with a brilliant new cover by Ray Lowry.

“Quite simply, the greatest music book ever written.” – Mick Mercer, Melody Maker

“A remarkable biography. Books like this are few and far between.” – Charles Shaar Murray, NME

“The funniest Elvis book you’ll ever read and tons better than most records.” – Mark Hagen, VH-1 (The Tip Sheet)