Don’t Think of Tigers

edited by Peter Guttridge

tigersbig£7.50 – 1 899344 66 7
C-format paperback
£15.00 – 1 899344 67 5
216mm x 135mm hardback

Sex and glory, the ultimate road trip and sudden death, passion and panic, desire and decadence, hope and pity, laughter and longing, infinity and more – all in Don’t Think of Tigers a glittering collection of new writing by fifteen prize-winning writers.

The future of fiction is here.

The writers featured in this anthology are all winners of First Edition, a writing competition and mentoring scheme run by the Asham Literary Endowment Trust, supported by the National Lottery through the Arts Council of England.

The work in this anthology is a consequence of collaborations between the writers and their mentors. The mentors involved in First Edition were: Alan Brownjohn, John Burnside, Chaz Brenchley, Stella Duffy, Suzannah Dunn, Robert Edric, Sophie Hannah, Selima Hill, Tobias Hill, Russell James and Shena Mackay.

This anthology features work by: Adam Hays, Eleanor Hartland, Clare Birchall, Daniel Hill, Robin Hill, Chantele Bigmore, Rowena Macdonald, Suzanne Conway, Rosie Rogers, Alan Morrison, Adrian Cooper, Sonja Henrici, Gill Auchinvole, Andrew Briscoe, Matt Sparkes.

PETER GUTTRIDGE is is a freelance journalist and writer who for the past ten years has written about literature, film and comedy for a range of newspapers and magazines. He currently writes a monthly column for BBC’s Bookcase website, is crime reviewer for The Observer and literary director of the Brighton Festival.